Pool Openings and Closings

Liner Guys has experienced technicians that will take care of your spa and pool openings and closings. Don’t wait until the last minute to plan your swimming pool opening. Have it ready for the first warm days of summer so you can enjoy your pool for as much of the season as possible. Our pool openings start booking in early spring in anticipation of Memorial Day, so contact us today to make sure you are ready to dive in when the weather warms up.”


Pool Openings

There are some necessary steps every pool owner must take in order to have a clean and safe pool that is ready to handle a long summer season. Liner guys can help!


  • Remove pool cover
  • Remove winterizing plugs
  • Start up equipment (heaters, pumps)
  • Reinstall skimmer baskets & return fittings
  • Clean pump baskets
  • Scoop leaves & skim water
  • Scrub waterline & stairs
  • Light vacuuming of pool with our trash pump
  • Install diving board, hand rails & ladders
  • Add spring start up chemicals and initial shock treatment
  • Test heater

Pool Closings

We take care of all the necessary preparation for the winter months and make sure all your equipment is properly prepped for winter.


  • Remove skimmer baskets & fittings
  • Backwash filter
  • Add winter chemicals
  • Remove hand rails & ladders (if applicable)
  • Winterize filter, pumps & heater, clean earth & cartridge grids
  • Air blow all plumbing lines
  • Turn off gas at heater
  • Install cover (if applicable)


Recent Work


These are some recent swimming pool openings and closing in the Buffalo area.